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Voice Navigation


Voice Navigation is the fastest and easiest application to get navigation. Just like the name implies, Voice Navigation is the first all voice operated navigation system. Just say where you are going and Voice Navigation will get you there. Choose between driving, biking, walking and busing directions. Our study has shown that Voice Navigation is more than 5 times faster than Google Maps. Sample Conversation----------------------------------------------------------------> Voice Navigation says: "Where would you like to go"> You say: "Macdonald's in New York"> Voice Navigation: "Did you say Macdonald's in New York"> You say: "Yes"----------------------------------------------------------------
Features------------------------------------- Voice navigation via driving, walking, biking and busing- All voice operated app, in fact keyboard has been completely removed- Auto save your destination- Import and export destinations into and from Trip Planner Navigation
Languages supported:- German- Italian- Japanese- French- Spanish- Indoesian- Polish- Portuguese- Russian- Dutch- Turkish- Hindi- Thai- Korean